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Methane, Fracked Gas & Climate

Methane (the main component in natural gas) is 100 times as bad for the climate as carbon dioxide over the short term. Less CO2 is emitted by natural gas than by coal when burned. But significant leakage of methane before burning makes gas a disaster for the climate, even as utilities and the gas industry are feverishly promoting fracked gas.

NC WARN is working hard to connect the dots between climate change, methane leakage and the fracking boom that is driven by demand from the electric power industry.

Learn more about our methane work here.

Watch a 3-minute video by Cornell University’s Dr. Robert Howarth describing why natural gas is a disastrous strategy for the climate. More videos, PowerPoints and documentation here.

“Everything You Need to Know About Methane”, a primer by Earthjustice.


Duke should reject fracked gas plant — The News & Observer

Letter to the editor by Connie Leeper. NC WARN urges Duke University President Richard Brodhead to take assertive action to avert the accelerating climate crisis. Instead of helping Duke Energy advance a national scheme to expand the burning of fracked gas on campuses, he should join the leading universities that are adopting clean energy innovations.

Duke University plant would turn away from renewable energy – The News & Observer

Op-Ed By William H. Schlesinger Renewable energy is the way; not skirting under the bar of EPA regulations with an array of small power plants that maintain the old ways of doing business. Setting an example for others, a solar-powered campus would light the way for bright young minds of the next generation.

Group opposes Duke Energy plans to burn natural gas in Cliffside coal plant — Charlotte Business Journal

Advocacy group NC WARN wants state regulators to hold hearings on Duke Energy’s $56 million plan to upgrade its Cliffside coal units to burn natural gas. NC WARN contends that upgrading Duke Energy's two Cliffside coal units at the Rogers Energy Complex would be needlessly expensive and environmentally unsound.

Plans for NC pipeline draw protests – News & Observer

On Saturday, a newly formed group of residents and environmentalists known as the Alliance to Stop the Pipeline held marches in Cumberland, Nash and Robeson counties to protest the project and raise awareness about it across the state. Members are asking residents to oppose the project by signing an online petition and contacting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which is reviewing the pipeline plans.

Duke Energy Seeks $$$ Sanction Against its Critics — News Release from NC WARN

In a case with sweeping environmental and legal ramifications, attorneys for NC WARN and The Climate Times responded yesterday to Duke Energy’s request for financial sanctions against us for attempting to appeal the fast-track regulatory approval of a $1 billion fracked gas-burning power plant.

Letter to the Editor — Durham Herald Sun

NC WARN has long supported combined heat and power technology – when it’s used as an energy-saving measure. What Duke Energy executives are proposing, however, is an unneeded power plant that would expand the burning of shale gas, perpetuating the disastrous fracking boom.

Students, green groups mount challenge to Duke Energy’s $55M Duke University project — Charlotte Business Journal

Environmental opposition is growing to a proposed combined heat-and-power project that Duke University and Duke Energy have trumpeted as a clean and energy efficient alternative for the university.

Duke Energy – Duke University Fracked Gas Plant Challenged at Utilities Commission — News Release from NC WARN

Today NC WARN filed a motion to intervene in a precedent-setting case whereby Duke Energy seeks to build and operate a fracked gas-burning power plant on the campus of Duke University. Among the many problems with the proposal, it would cause campus greenhouse gas emissions to soar, increase local air pollution, do little to enhance the reliability of campus power supply, and continue driving the highly destructive US fracking boom.

N.C. WARN opposes Duke University turbine project — Durham Herald Sun

A local environmental group has weighed in against the idea of equipping the Duke University campus with a gas-turbine power plant, arguing the institution’s leaders should instead look to solar energy and other sources. See Jim Warren's reply to this article in the Herald Sun's Nov. 10 edition.

NC WARN Urges Duke University to Ditch Duke Energy Gas Scheme — News Release from NC WARN

Today NC WARN urged President Richard Brodhead not to allow Duke University to be used by Duke Energy in an emerging national scheme to expand the burning of fracked gas, and instead to join Stanford and other universities who are developing clean-energy innovations.
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