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Whistleblower: EPA Official Covered Up Methane Leakage Problems Across US Natural Gas Industry

Inspector General called to investigate scientific fraud that wasted crucial years in slowing climate crisis while risking safety of workers, communities

NC WARN filed a complaint with EPA Inspector General Arthur Elkins on June 8, 2016, charging that a high-ranking EPA official connected to the fossil fuel industry committed scientific fraud in a case with sweeping ramifications for global climate change and the safety of workers and neighbors of natural gas sites across much of the United States. We are calling for an expedited investigation due to the urgent climate and safety implications of the EPA’s failure to curb widespread methane emissions.

Leading researchers now consider the natural gas industry to be the foremost greenhouse gas problem in the US, largely due to methane emissions. The alleged fraud wasted crucial years in slowing the climate crisis while putting at risk gas workers and those living near gas facilities.

On July 20, Inspector General Elkins sent us a letter indicating that no investigation would be launched. We replied, reiterating the urgent necessity for an investigation. See links below for complete documentation.

Further updates will be posted here.

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