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Emergency Methane Action Campaign

Calling for a statewide ban on the import and use of fracked gas

Scientists have learned that the US fracked gas boom has become a leading driver of recent global heat records and that cutting methane emissions from the fracking system is vital to averting runaway climate change – and it’s cost-effective.

Duke Energy and the Koch brothers are driving the fracking boom and suppressing media coverage, so we have launched a statewide campaign – the Emergency Methane Action (EMA) – including a resolution calling for state action, a series of educational events and opportunities for public involvement.

Together with the North Carolina NAACP, Food & Water Watch, Clean Air Carolina and 36 other organizations and faith leaders, we delivered a resolution to Governor Roy Cooper on May 4, 2017, calling on him to ban the use of fracked gas in North Carolina. Since then, 41 more groups and leaders have signed on, including the Orange County Board of Commissioners.

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Take Action!

Contact Gov. Cooper and urge him to provide national leadership by banning the use of fracked gas in NC:

Governor Roy Cooper
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301 • 919-814-2000

Get your organization, business, faith leader or public official to sign the EMA resolution to Governor Cooper

Let us know if you’d like to host an event in your community like the Emergency Methane Action roadshow we took to Pittsboro, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Asheville in April.

Want some talking points for your message to the Governor?

If you follow these breadcrumbs, you can see where the problem lies….

  • The massive expansion of shale gas burning by Duke Energy and other electric utilities is driving the US fracking boom…
  • Leading to the build-up of super-potent methane in the air…
  • Which is the main driver of the three-year global heatwave & weather extremes that have been harming people around the world.
  • Capturing methane is cost-effective, but the gas and power industries are blocking requirements to do so.
  • The best – and only – opportunity to avert runaway climate chaos is to curb methane emissions from the fracking industry.

Learn more here.
Questions? Call NC WARN at 919-416-5077 or email

Fracking & Climate Chaos vs. A Clean Energy Path

On May 4, 2017 at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC WARN hosted a forum on fracking and alternatives to climate-busting natural gas.

L to R: NC WARN director Jim Warren, Dasan Ahanu, NC WARN organizing director Connie Leeper, Wenohah Hauter, Bill Powers

Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch and author of Frackopoly, talked about the many harms of fracking and the history of oil and gas industry influence over US energy policy.

Energy expert Bill Powers gave a sneak preview of his forthcoming report for NC WARN – NC Clean Path 2025 – that will outline a feasible clean energy path that could enable North Carolina to virtually eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation by 2030 and achieve 50 percent reduction by 2025.

Durham poet and justice activist Dasan Ahanu performed two of his poems.

Watch press conference at the Governor’s office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.

Dr. Robert Howarth of Cornell University speaking in March 2016. This 3-minute video is an excellent introduction to the climate disaster posed by methane leaking from the natural gas industry.
Fracked gas doesn't just dribble out. This video shows intentional venting of methane from a natural gas pipeline and compressor station during maintenance operations. Such events can last from several minutes to days. Special thanks to Earthworks for use of the videos.

Newspaper Ad

Click image below to see the ad we're running statewide and in The Nation -- along with radio spots and online ads -- to spread the word about methane and climate, since the media are largely failing to report on it.

Jim Hansen: Methane is Driving Climate Change

Click image to enlarge. Source: Hansen et al. 2016. Young People's Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions.

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