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Key government reports were wrong about methane leaks’ severity, environmental group alleges — LA Times

An environmental organization filed a federal complaint Wednesday, alleging that key reports by a top U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official wrongfully stated the severity of methane leaks across the nation’s natural gas industry.

Duke Energy shareholder meeting turns to green energy, environment — Charlotte Observer

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good faced advocates Thursday at a shareholder meeting that has become an annual debate over the company’s environmental policies. Continue reading and see photos and video.

Duke Energy: Appeal of Asheville plant could cost $140 million in construction delays — The Charlotte Business Journal

Duke Energy Progress wants state regulators to require opponents to post a $50 million bond if they appeal the order approving construction of its proposed Asheville natural gas plant. Jim Warren, executive director of N.C. WARN, says the high bond is just an attempt by Duke (NYSE:DUK) to keep his group and other opponents from taking the case to the N.C. Court of Appeals.

Sustainability is a top focus for Avid Solutions — Winston-Salem Journal

Jim Warren, the executive director of N.C. WARN, a nonprofit power-industry watchdog and clean-energy advocate, said Avid Solutions should be highly commended for its sustainability efforts. “What people might not realize is that that type of project helps the company in a lot of ways, but it helps the public at large by helping cut pollution, including green house emissions,” Warren said.

What Can Durham Do to Become Sun City? — IndyWeek

The Durham Community Land Trustees has been hip to the sun for about a decade now. But solar photovoltaic panels have always been too expensive. Last year, NC WARN put up $20,000 and raised another $22,000 from solar enthusiasts to purchase and install solar panels on a DCLT property in Durham's West End neighborhood.

NC WARN challenges the NC media on climate, Duke Energy & Duke’s Response– The News & Observer

The elephant in the room is Duke Energy, the nation’s largest carbon-polluting utility, based in Charlotte. Duke is driving carbon emissions higher at the worst possible time. By planning to build 15 fracking-gas power plants in the Carolinas and pipelines to supply them, Duke is crashing headlong into some cold, hard facts: Methane leakage is the nation’s leading greenhouse gas problem and fracking economics is increasingly risky.

Utilities commission ignores public concerns about Duke’s Asheville gas-fired plant — Winston-Salem Journal

In February, Duke Energy gave notice to the N.C. Utilities Commission that it planned to build a gas-fired power plant at the current Asheville coal power plant site. Four months later, the N.C. General Assembly approved, and Gov. Pat McCrory signed, the innocuous-sounding Mountain Energy Act, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Apodaca (R-Henderson), which essentially greased the skids for a short, 45-day decision on Duke’s request. The normal time for such a decision is about 180 days, which is much better, considering the controversial nature of this request.

Why Natural Gas Might Not Be A ‘Bridge Fuel’ — WUNC’s The State of Things

Natural gas is considered a "bridge fuel" between fossil fuels and renewable energy, but experts warn that it can actually be worse than coal for the environment. This interview features Dr. Robert Howarth of Cornell University, who will be joining NC WARN on March 29th for two special public events discussing the dangers of fracking and methane to our health and climate.

Battle Over Solar Energy’s Future In North Carolina Heats Up As Bipartisan Bills and Civil Protests Mount Against Duke Energy’s Obstructionism — DeSmog Blog

While Szoka has tried to free North Carolina from utility monopolies via legislation, environmental nonprofits have tried to affect change through activism. Seeking a clarification to state law on third-party financing, NC WARN installed solar panels on the roof of Faith Community Church in Greensboro, selling the electricity to the church at a rate much lower than Duke Energy would charge.

Regulators Approve Duke’s Plan For Asheville Gas Plants — WFAE

N.C. WARN was among those opposing Duke’s plan for new generating units in Asheville. In a statement Monday afternoon, the group said: "Duke Energy can and should close the Asheville coal units now. Our position has been strengthened during this case: Duke’s huge natural gas power plant is not needed, would be high-risk economically, and would accelerate the global climate crisis at the worst possible time."

ECR2 VideoClick the image above to watch our new 30-second video. Then visit our Emergency Climate Response page to see how you can help make sure our leaders stand up to Duke Energy.

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