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Unlikely alliance: NC WARN, Locke Foundation take on Duke Energy, electricity reforms — News & Observer

What would inspire a prominent free-market nonprofit and an assertive environmental nonprofit to join forces in a very public way? Mutual concern over policies that keep the cost of a basic household necessity higher than it ought to be – not a luxury good, but something no family should be without.

A movement emerges against the Duke Energy-Progress monopoly — Indy Week

Wouldn’t North Carolina be better off, and have lower electricity rates, if we allowed competition in the market and stopped protecting Duke’s monopoly? NC WARN and the John Locke Foundation, two groups vastly different in their political philosophies, have been asking that question of each other, each believing the answer to be yes.

Enviros: Keep coal ash out of NC landfills — WRAL

Two environmental groups are warning state leaders against allowing Duke Energy to clean up its coal ash pits in North Carolina by shipping the ash to solid-waste landfills.

Federal grand jury to consider possible wrongdoing in coal ash spill — WBTV, Charlotte

A federal grand jury convened in Raleigh as part of a criminal investigation triggered by the massive coal ash spill from Duke Energy.

Group to protest Duke Energy rates, pay-in-person fees — WNCN

The Triangle Duke Energy Action group will hold a rally Friday to call on Duke Energy to stop making people pay a fee if they pay their electric bills in person.

NC WARN and the John Locke Foundation Team Up For Electricity Competition — WUNC

The State of Things host Frank Stasio talks with Jim Warren, NC WARN’s executive director, and Jon Sanders, the John Locke Foundation’s director of regulatory studies, about the two groups’ public forum calling for increased competition in the power industry and challenging Duke Energy’s monopoly on electricity in the state.

Critics question whether Duke-Progress merger really saved consumers money — WNCN

Attorney John Runkle asks, “Where are the savings for consumers? The merger was billed as a better deal for North Carolina consumers. Duke has gone up in rates in 2009, 2011 and then last year…Progress had their first rate case in over 20 years, so the rates are going up.” Runkle represents the energy watchdog group NC WARN, which is still in the process of appealing the merger.

How Duke Will Sell Renewable Energy To Large Customers — WFAE

Duke Energy is in discussion with large companies, including Google and Facebook, to use renewable energy to power new electricity needs in North Carolina… The new program sailed through the state utilities commission last month, but some environmental organizations question its potential. WFAE’s Ben Bradford joined Morning Edition host Kevin Kniestedt to explain.

Alert declared after smoke detected at Harris Nuclear Power Plant — WTVD

Officials at Harris Nuclear Power Plant declared an alert Saturday at 10:16 a.m. after smoke was detected in plant electrical equipment… “This standard line where they claim there was no danger to the public, they have not issued enough information to back that up at this point,” said Jim Warren who runs the nuclear watchdog group NC WARN.

For Duke’s Jim Rogers, a green energy legacy with shades of gray — Charlotte Observer

Jim Rogers’ seven-year run atop Duke Energy ends this month. He was a chief executive in the energy industry for 25 years. Harder to measure is Rogers’ extraordinary influence over the air we breathe and the temperature of the planet he’ll leave to his 11 grandchildren.

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