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Why none of this Charlotte solar developer’s planned 250MW worth of 2017 projects are in N.C. — Charlotte Business Journal

Pine Gate Renewables started operations at its first two solar farms just as the year ended and has secured financing to build 250 megawatts worth of projects this year. But none of that will be built in North Carolina. Pine Gate’s entire pipeline of N.C. projects has been eliminated by Duke Energy’s “stiffness test” for new solar project connections to its grid. Many in the industry contend this new requirement is grinding construction to a halt in the state.

As Climate Tipping Point Nears, Many Utilities are Powering Forward with Renewables: Duke Energy, Others are Greenwashing Laggards — Note to Editors from NC WARN

Two recent studies combine perfectly to indicate why NC WARN is laser-focused on persuading or requiring Duke Energy to immediately stop its massive expansion of fracked gas and stop holding back the Clean Energy Revolution.

Clean, Affordable Power Advances as Duke Energy Struggles — WCHL

Commentary by Jim Warren. Long-predicted and hopeful changes are quickly occurring in the electric power industry ... Duke Energy could become a climate game-changer.

Industry Report Suggests Duke Energy May Be Facing Corporate Death Spiral

In January 2013, the Edison Electric Institute published a report titled Disruptive Challenges: Financial Implications and Strategic Responses to a Changing Retail Electric Business. It states: “…the pace of [electric industry] change is increasing and will likely increase further as costs of disruptive technologies” continue to decline.

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