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Duke Energy Hides Key Info in Fracking Gas Power Plant Fight — WCHL

Commentary by NC WARN director Jim Warren:

Duke Energy is hiding large blocks of information about its plans to build a billion-dollar power plant in Asheville.

NC WARN is pressing state regulators to conduct an open review – not the fast-track rubber stamp Duke wants.

Our technical experts argue the plant isn’t needed – due to a glut of regional generation.

… and that it would speed global warming due to methane leakage throughout the natural gas industry,

… and that it could cause soaring rates for all Duke Energy customers due to the price volatility of fracking gas.

As a monopoly with guaranteed profits, Duke Energy is not allowed to hide critical information about building power plants.

With all that’s at stake for the climate crisis, our economy, and for our democratic process … it would be tragic for Duke Energy to build this fracking-gas plant without answering concerns raised by prominent experts.

The actions of legislators and regulators to protect Duke Energy in this case are exactly why NC WARN has a Complaint pending with Attorney General Roy Cooper – calling for him to alter Duke’s corporate charter … to restrict its influence and force Duke Energy to help slow global warming – instead of making it worse.

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