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Solar Rooftop Donation Program

For many years, NC WARN has promoted solar energy in the news media, the public eye and at the NC Utilities Commission.

Now we are honored to be able to donate and install solar hot water and electricity systems for some of those who can benefit most.

We’re spreading the word that the time is now for rooftop solar power in North Carolina!

  • Solar is affordable for most households and businesses.
  • Solar helps owners do their part to cut pollution and slow global warming.
  • Solar is an essential part of the urgently needed statewide shift to a climate-protecting renewable energy economy.

NC WARN urges our members and the public to consider a great investment in a solar hot water or electricity-generating system –rooftop, carport or ground-mounted. Such “distributed” power helps all state residents by avoiding costly, dangerous new power plants owned by giant corporate utilities that lead to soaring electricity rates.

This project was made possible by an unsolicited grant recognizing NC WARN’s work promoting rooftop solar power as a superior alternative to new fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.

Recipient Organizations

NC WARN is donating solar systems and energy efficiency upgrades to nonprofit service organizations that use large amounts of hot water and electricity – including homeless shelters, group homes and rehabilitation centers.

By lowering operating costs, we’re helping sister nonprofits apply more funds toward services for residents in need.

So far, our program is benefiting organizations in the Triangle region, such as:

Urban Ministries of Durham’s Shelter for the Homeless — Solar Hot Water and Electricity

Solar electricity (PV) panels on Urban Ministries of Durham.

Solar hot water panels on Urban Ministries of Durham.

Helen Wright Center for Women, Raleigh — Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water panels on the Helen Wright Center for Women in Raleigh.

Solar hot water panels on the Helen Wright Center for Women in Raleigh.

Freedom House Recovery Center, Chapel Hill — Solar Hot Water and Electricity

Solar hot water panels on the Freedom House Recovery Center in Chapel Hill.

Solar hot water and electricity (PV) installations on Freedom House Recovery Center in Chapel Hill.

And we’re powering NC WARN’s Durham office with solar electricity, too!

An Unmatched Investment for You

Installing solar hot water or electricity locks in a low cost for your energy over the long term. The fuel – power from the sun – is free!

High-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are now powering North Carolina homes for a net investment of $6,000 to $10,000 – less than the price of some used cars. Solar hot water systems are even more affordable.

With Federal and State tax incentives, your system could be paid off in 5-8 years and continue to benefit your pocketbook for another 20 years or more.
Systems require minimal maintenance and increase the value of your home or business.

You, as a homeowner, can claim tax credits up to 65% of the cost of installing a solar water heating or PV system. Business owners can write off nearly the entire investment.

Net metering offered by Duke Energy allows each kilowatt hour of solar electricity to directly offset a kilowatt hour from the grid. This allows the customer to use the grid as storage – adding electricity when the solar system is producing more than the home or business needs and drawing from the grid when the sun is not shining.

Our Solar Partners

NC WARN is working for job creation and development of the solar industry in North Carolina, made up primarily of locally owned solar businesses in North Carolina. So far we are partnering with the professionals at:

How You Can Help

  1. To help NC WARN continue this program and its benefits to nonprofits, solar installers and residents across North Carolina, please consider a tax-deductible gift of any amount to NC WARN.
  2. Talk to a solar professional in your area about a solar PV or water heating system for your home or business.
    Update as of 2014: check out our Solarize North Carolina program that periodically offers discounted, streamlined rooftop solar installation to homeowners and small businesses.
  3. Tell friends that solar power is ready to go – and that NC WARN is pushing this state toward a clean energy future.

Solar Investments Help Us All

Solar electricity and hot water produced by homeowners and businesses directly reduces demand for the utilities to build costly and risky power plants – thereby avoiding billions from entering the rate base and keeping electricity costs down for everyone.

Solar energy creates 9 times as many jobs compared to coal- and gas-fired power according to a University of California at Berkeley report.

More Information

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency ( offers more information on the state and federal tax credits available for solar hot water and electricity installations, as well as explaining the options for net metering (or using the power grid as storage for your PV system) as allowed by Duke Energy and Progress Energy in North Carolina. A March 2013 article in Living Green Magazine lists even more economic benefits of installing solar.

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