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NC WARN, Allies Challenge Proposed Fracked-gas Power Plant near Reidsville — News Advisory from NC WARN

NC WARN is contesting a Florida-based corporation’s application to build a large, climate-wrecking power plant near Reidsville, NC. NTE Carolinas is seeking permission from state regulators to construct the 500-megawatt power plant, and to sell the power – generated by burning fracked natural gas – to unnamed municipal utilities or electric co-ops.

Update on Solar-Church Test Case in NC Court of Appeals — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN today filed a brief with the NC Court of Appeals in the test case over our sales of solar power to the Faith Community Church in Greensboro. We’re calling on the Court to overturn an April 15 NC Utilities Commission order that sided with Duke Energy and granted the utility’s request to heavily penalize NC WARN for selling solar electricity.

Duke Energy Gas Case Goes Back to NC Appeals Court — News Release from NC WARN

Today, attorneys for NC WARN and The Climate Times again urged the NC Court of Appeals to take charge of a convoluted case involving an unneeded $1 billion power plant, and to not allow state regulators to block our access to the court. Most recently in this nine-month legal fight, the NC Utilities Commission ruled that we cannot appeal its approval of Duke Energy’s Asheville plant because we didn’t post the $98 million bond the commissioners said we must file in order to go to court.

Case Against Backroom Deal-making Continues — News Release from NC WARN

Today NC WARN filed a response to the electric utilities and the Utilities Commission’s Public Staff in our pending request to end the longstanding practice of backroom deal-making by the regulators and regulated.

NC WARN Sues State, Regulators for Pro-Duke Energy Laws — News Release from NC WARN

In a case that goes to the heart of Duke Energy’s corporate business plan, climate protection nonprofit NC WARN today filed a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina and its utility regulators over two state laws passed 50 years apart.

Environmental group fighting Duke Energy plant sues stateNews & Observer

$98 million bond to appeal a Duke Energy power plant permit gets legal challengeThe Charlotte Observer

Folks, it is time to be alarmed about climate change — The News & Observer

If our children’s children are going to be able to live meaningful lives upon this planet, we must all study and become alarmed about the changes that we have caused in the atmosphere, the ocean and the earth itself during the past 100 years.

Three-year Heat Wave Continues Unabated — Note to Journalists from NC WARN

NASA reported this week that the ongoing, three-year record global heatwave continues, with August tying July as the hottest month ever recorded.

Hottest Year: Duke Energy’s Role — Commentary by NC WARN

Cornell experts and others say that reducing methane leakage and venting throughout the US natural gas industry is the quickest – and only – way to slow global warming in time. As Dr. Robert Howarth emphasizes, “The climate responds very quickly to methane”, a super-potent heat-trapping gas. So curbing methane is all-important.

Natural gas vs coal: It’s all in the leak rate — The News & Observer

Leakage of natural gas, which is predominately methane, has another drawback. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that exerts about 86 times the global warming potential in the atmosphere compared with CO2 during the first 20 years after emission. Leakage from oil and gas fields makes a significant contribution to the annual emissions of methane to the atmosphere.

Jim Warren: First, renewables; later, nuclear retirement — The News & Observer

The climate responds quickly to methane, so reducing emissions can slow global warming in the short term. North Carolinians must require Duke Energy to stop its massive fracked gas expansion and help avoid climate chaos.

Yo-Yo Duke Energy Gas Case Goes Back to Appeals Court — News Release from NC WARN and The Climate Times

An attempt by Duke Energy and state regulators to race through a rubber-stamp approval of an unneeded, climate-busting, fracking gas-fired power plant has become one of the most convoluted legal cases in North Carolina history, with no end in sight.

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