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Nuclear Waste

Along with the well-known lack of any solution for disposing of “spent” fuel rods and “low-level” radioactive waste, a more immediate concern is that U.S. nuclear plants are storing thousands of tons of spent fuel in an extremely dangerous manner: high-density cooling pools (right)


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German Nuclear Waste May Be Headed to South Carolina Site — The New York Times

The U.S. Department of Energy said on Wednesday it will study the environmental risk of importing spent nuclear fuel from Germany that contains highly enriched uranium, a move believed to be the first for the United States.

NC WARN Hosts Dr. Steve Wing on Fukushima, Nov. 20, 2013

Video: Epidemiologist Dr. Steve Wing discusses the human impacts of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima based on his experience visiting the area.

NC WARN Highlights: The First 15 Years

Video: Learn about NC WARN's first 15 years of successful grassroots activism.

24 Groups: NRC Rushing Nuclear “Waste Confidence” Process, Not Satisfying Court-Ordered Requirements – News Release

In documents filed Wednesday with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), a wide range of national and grassroots environmental groups said it would be impossible for the NRC to adequately conduct a court-ordered assessment of the environmental implications of long-term storage of spent nuclear reactor fuel in the two short years the federal agency envisions for the process.

Clarifying Nuclear Waste at Shearon Harris – Independent Weekly

Thanks to the many of you who contacted us regarding the Independent Weekly’s late 2009…

Jim Warren Debates Nuclear Official on Charlotte Public Radio

Harris Security Failures: Guards Blow the Whistle – Complaint Filed With FBI, Inspector General, Atty General

Complaint to NC Attorney General, FBI, NRC Inspector General, NRC Office of Security and Incident…

Map: What if Chernobyl Had Happened at Shearon Harris?

Congress Demands NRC Address Risks at Reactor Waste Pools – News Release by Nuclear Security Coalition

A powerful Congressional committee has issued a stinging criticism of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s inaction regarding the safety of waste fuel stored at the nation’s nuclear power plants, and directed the agency to move on recommendations made by the National Academy of Sciences.

National Academy Confirms Risks of Nuclear Waste Pools – News Release by Nuclear Security Coalition

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: April 6th, 2005 Statement on Today’s Release of National Academy’s…
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Emergency Methane Action

Watch press conference at the Governor's office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.