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Nukes Can’t Help With Climate Change


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Jim Warren: First, renewables; later, nuclear retirement — The News & Observer

The climate responds quickly to methane, so reducing emissions can slow global warming in the short term. North Carolinians must require Duke Energy to stop its massive fracked gas expansion and help avoid climate chaos.

Won’t New Nukes Slow Climate Disruption? — NC WARN newsletter

In a recent poll, many US scientists said construction of nuclear power plants would help with climate change. This reflects a major disconnect between scientific expertise and energy and economic realities, at least in most nations. Unfortunately, the predictions by NC WARN and many others, beginning in 2004 when Dick Cheney announced the US nuclear “renaissance,” were entirely on target. We warned that corporations trying to build nuclear plants would waste billions of public dollars and many years while limiting solar, wind and efficiency advances that could help us cut carbon emissions fairly quickly.

Group Says Nuclear Won’t Help Climate Change – WUNC Radio

A Durham-based environmental group warns utility companies are trying to add nuclear capacity without significantly reducing their use of coal power. A report from NC WARN focuses on what they call the "Southeast Five." That includes both Duke Energy and Progress Energy. Jim Warren is executive director of NC WARN.

Nuclear Revival is Ruining Climate Protection Efforts and Harming Customers, says Watchdog Group – A News Release by NC WARN

Report shows Southeast utilities plan not to replace coal-fired power, but to add nuclear capacity despite falling demand – while jacking up rates and blocking clean energy advances.
See the report, New Nuclear Power is Ruining Climate Protection Efforts and Harming Customers Listen to the audio from the press conference Hear Dr. William Schlesinger's
comments about the report on WUNC Radio Read Clinging to Dirty Energy in the
- a by-the-numbers look from
the Institute of Southern Studies

Jim Warren Debates Nuclear Official on Charlotte Public Radio

Countering the PR: Nukes & CO2 – Letter to the News and Observer

It's exasperating that The N&O repeatedly advances one of the nuclear industry's most damaging distortions ("Progress' nuclear plans attract friends, foes," June 11 news article). Since 2005 the industry has with impunity claimed nuclear power is "carbon free" and therefore a solution to climate change.

Climate Crisis, New Nukes & Progress Energy – News and Observer Op-ed by Jim Warren

North Carolina faces severe challenges that require a new relationship between Progress Energy and the public. CEO Bill Johnson should help launch the massive national effort needed to avert an unprecedented catastrophe.

Nukes Can't Handle Warming Climate – Union of Concerned Scientists' Issue Brief

A Ruinous Approach to Climate Change – News and Observer Oped by Jim Warren

News & Observer Point of View: Published May 25, 2006 Saved by nuclear power? No…

300 Groups Reject Nuclear Energy as a Global Warming Solution – News Release by NC WARN and Partner Organizations

U.S. Public Interest Research Group * Public Citizen * Sierra Club * Greenpeace * Nuclear…
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Emergency Methane Action

Watch press conference at the Governor's office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.