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Board of Directors

George Friday grew up in Lincolnton and Gastonia, NC in the 60s.  She holds degrees in Political Science, Economics, and African American Studies from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill where she graduated in 1982. George works with grassroots community organizations to provide leadership and skills training ranging from strategic planning and organizing to fundraising, marketing and community building with particular focus on communication, oppression, change and the role of ”privilege” in transforming power dynamics leading to broad, deep economic and social justice change.

Beth Henry is a retired lawyer who received both her undergraduate and law degrees from Wake Forest University.  She has three children and two grandchildren.  In retirement, Beth has volunteered actively with groups working on climate change, biodiversity, voting rights, and racial and gender justice.  She enjoys gardening for birds, butterflies, and other wild creatures.

Toni Stevens is passionate about health.  She understands the connection between the environment and health and teaches her clients how to have healthier lives within her practice of MindBody Medicine.  Toni volunteers and supports a number of local and international charities: Independent Animal Rescue, NC WARN, Doctors Without Borders, Environment North Carolina, The Sierra Club, Partners for Youth Opportunity of Durham and is a long time member of the American Civil Liberties Union.  She is also the singer in a classic rock band and hopes to bring a level of fun into the vital work of NC WARN.

Ryan Thomson, Board Chair, is a scholar-activist and doctoral fellow at the University of Florida. His areas of research focus include rural and environmental sociology with an emphasis on social geography and environmental justice mobilization. He is an active member of the UF Graduate Assistants United, a United Faculty of Florida Senator and participant within the International Student Movement (ISM).

Jim Warren is a native of Graham, North Carolina, and earned a degree in Business Administration with Accounting from UNC-Chapel Hill. He has been active in public interest issues for 35 years and executive director of NC WARN since 1993.

Ayo Wilson serves as Administrative Co-Director of the NC Environmental Justice Network.  In 2013, he traveled to Liberia, where he analyzed and provided recommendations for a national land records digitalization project managed by Liberia’s Center for National Land Documents and Records Agency funded by the World Bank.  He holds a B.S in Communication, Electronic Media/Broadcasting from Appalachian State University and a Masters in Public Administration, cum laude from NC Central University.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of Haw River Assembly.


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