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State’s Gift to Duke Energy to be Appealed — News Release from NC WARN and The Climate Times

NC WARN & The Climate Times 

State’s Gift to Duke Energy to be Appealed

Rubber stamp, closed process for unneeded gas plant is unconstitutional abuse of public

Statement by Jim Warren and Dr. Harvard Ayers:

Durham, NC – Regarding today’s approval for two large fracking-gas power plants by the NC Utilities Commission – and the regulators’ ominous signal that they will encourage more expansion of climate-wrecking gas burning by Duke Energy:

This case sadly demonstrates Duke Energy’s corporate control over our politicians and regulators.

  • The Commission let Duke hide key information from public scrutiny – and shielded the utility from cross examination and from answering technical experts.
  • Duke never had to explain its claim that it must build new plants instead of using a large excess of power supply within and surrounding its own service areas.
  • Duke never had to substantiate its claim that customer demand will soar.

Duke Energy can and should close the Asheville coal units now.  Our position has been strengthened during this case: Duke’s huge natural gas power plant is not needed, would be high-risk economically, and would accelerate the global climate crisis at the worst possible time.

Duke was able to hide behind the fast-track approval process set up by Sen. Tom Apodaca and implemented by the Commission.  It’s likely to seek the same rubber-stamp approval for the other 15-plus gas-fired plants it plans for the Carolinas by 2030.

We plan to appeal the closed, pro-Duke process that led to this decision and unneeded plant.  In addition to being unconstitutional, it’s a lousy way for state government to operate.


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