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Duke Energy’s Climate Legacy

Dino fort-500Despite TV ads that portray Duke Energy as the epitome of modernity, the company is in fact a dinosaur teetering on the brink of extinction if it fails to rapidly evolve its business model to clean, affordable renewables and aggressive energy efficiency programs. Even the Edison Electric Institute agrees with us!

Duke Energy is raising rates on families and small businesses in order to build expensive, climate-wrecking power plants that we don’t even need – while blocking the advance of renewables and efficiency.

We need your help!

Help press Dukeasaurus to switch to clean, affordable energy:

  • Send a short email to Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good and ask her to be a climate hero.
  • Make the Dukeasaurus image your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter and share it with your friends.
  • Post a comment on the Duke Energy customer relations Facebook page.
  • Post a comment on one of the media articles about Duke Energy that are listed on our Duke Rates page.
  • Spread the word about our campaign. How will Duke Energy be remembered? As a climate change hero or villain? Share this link on Facebook and Twitter: and Facebook and Tweet mentioning @DukeEnergy.


Jim Rogers’ Legacy Newspaper Ad and Personal Appeal

dukeasaurus2Our Climate Legacy campaign began May 1, 2013 when we ran a full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer, together with Greenpeace, urging former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers to make his legacy one of a climate leader – instead of a laggard – by acting decisively to slow climate change. Read what the Charlotte Observer wrote about our ad and Rogers’ response.

Also on May 1, Greenpeace Executive Director Phil Radford and NC WARN Executive Director Jim Warren sent a letter to Rogers, calling on him to walk his talk on climate change.

Duke is now the largest corporate utility in the world!  So Duke could be a climate game-changer if it will move into the 21st Century.

The company announced May 2, 2013 that it is canceling plans for two additional reactors at its Shearon Harris nuclear power plant. But Dukeasaurus is still lumbering toward building other nukes and wants to keep burning coal for decades.

So help us keep the pressure on Duke Energy to move decisively toward a responsible energy future.

dino feed-rec-small dino reading500
Here are the other cartoons in our Dukeasaurus campaign, courtesy of artistic genius V.C. Rogers (click images to enlarge). We’ve printed all four on postcards addressed to Duke Energy’s new CEO, Lynn Good. Email us if you’d like to write Lynn Good a note on a Dukeasaurus postcard (let us know if you’d like more to give to all your friends).

photo_wall_smallDuke Energy Shareholder Meeting

On Thursday, we protested outside and inside Duke Energy’s annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte. Speakers holding Duke Energy stock proxies spoke inside the meeting while activists outside held a “ratepayers stakeholder meeting” and community teach-in. A photo petition was mounted on a wall, with pictures of hundreds of people calling on Duke to stop raising rates for dirty energy.

Here are some of the media reports on the event:

Clean Energy Advocates Inundate Duke Energy Annual Meeting — WFAE

Climate, rates dominate Duke Energy meetingThe Charlotte Observer

Green groups take protests into Duke Energy meetingCharlotte Business Journal

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