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NC WARN Direct Appeals to Duke Energy

Over the years, NC WARN has reached out to Duke Energy executive many times, both publicly and privately, to seek collaboration toward progress away from fossil fuels and toward the clean energy future we all want and need. Here are some examples.

December 17, 2007
Letter from NC WARN and 10 other groups
urging Duke Energy’s then-CEO Jim Rogers not to expand coal-burning plant at Cliffside

May 1, 2013
Letter from NC WARN and Greenpeace
asking Jim Rogers to lead a clean energy revolution. This campaign was accompanied by the ad at right (click to enlarge), which ran in the Charlotte Observer and other papers.

April 7, 2015
Letter from NC WARN and Rev. Nelson Johnson of Faith Community Church in Greensboro
requesting a meeting with Duke CEO Lynn Good to discuss Duke’s misleading “solar hurts the poor” message and its lobbying against the Energy Freedom Act

October 20, 2015
Open Letter to Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good from NC WARN and Climate Voices US
expressing concern about the company’s plan to massively expand its burning of natural gas

December 10, 2015
2nd letter from NC WARN and Climate Voices US
sending Lynn Good our white paper showing the climate and supply problems of natural gas and urging her not to commit the company — and the state — to a huge investment in such a risky energy source

February 4, 2016
Letter from NC WARN to CEO Lynn Good
urging better justification for Asheville gas plant