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Does Duke Energy Think You’re Stupid?

about solar energy, but keeps forcing dirty, expensive power plants on North Carolina.DUKE ENERGY BRAGS about several new solar farms in North Carolina. But Duke’s renewable power commitment is a pathetic 4% in 2029.In reality, DUKE ENERGY IS TRYING TO DESTROY our growing solar industry to protect its “build plants, raise rates” business plan and monopoly control.DUKE ENERGY IS STALLING hundreds of large-scale solar projects, and wants to pay customers far less for the solar power they put onto the grid.

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Our NEW 30-second satirical TV ad exposing Duke’s green-washing.


Why Does Duke Energy Hate Solar?

Solar power helps everyone by eliminating the need for new power plants and Duke Energy’s ongoing rate hikes, while creating thousands of North Carolina jobs.

But rooftop and large-scale solar reduce Duke Energy’s profits from dirty power plants. So Duke is trying to stop paying a fair price to solar-generating customers who contribute clean power to the electric grid.

The messaging in NC WARN’s first round of ads accusing Duke Energy of trying to kill solar in NC rang true and was proved during the initial stages of hearings held at the Utilities Commission in July. See below for more information on our hard-hitting legal and media campaign.

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It’s our decision to make: MORE COAL ASH SPILLS or SOLAR SPILLS?


* Thank you to our friends at Presente ( for inspiring the video script.