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Will Anyone Stand Up to Duke Energy?

Extreme weather is harming millions and approaching a chaotic tipping point. Charlotte-based Duke Energy is one of the nation’s largest climate polluters. We have a moral duty to demand a governor who is a leader – not just a politician. Watch our new TV ad!

Dr. Robert Howarth on Methane and Climate Change

Dr. Robert Howarth, a leading expert on methane emissions as a driver of climate change…

Faith in Solar (A short documentary on our climate justice work.)

A short documentary film about NC WARN's partnership with Faith Community Church in our Emergency Climate Response and Solar Freedom campaigns.

Faith Community Church and NC WARN’s Solar Freedom Ribbon Cutting

The Solar Freedom project was announced at a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by Rev. Nelson Johnson, pastor of Faith Community Church in downtown Greensboro. In a partnership that could impact state policy at a critical time, NC WARN will own and operate a 5.2 kW solar system on the church roof and the church will buy the solar power produced by the system from NC WARN at a price far lower than what it pays on its monthly bill to Duke Energy.

NC WARN Hosts Dr. William Schlesinger

NC WARN hosts prominent climate scientist Dr. William Schlesinger for a discussion about the current state of the climate crisis and its impacts.

Duke Energy: A Global Game Changer for the Climate

Video: NC WARN Executive Director Jim Warren explains why North Carolina is a pivotal state for the future of climate change.

A Fishy Story (30-sec satirical TV ad)

NC WARN's latest 30 second satirical TV ad seeks to expose Duke Energy's efforts to "green wash", or mislead the public about its commitment to clean energy.

Duke Energy Hates Solar (30-sec satirical TV ad)

NC WARN’s first hard-hitting, satirical TV ad in a statewide campaign to expose Duke Energy’s…

Ashton D. Coalman III — Happy Tax Day from Duke Energy

Duke Energy representative Ashton D. Coalman III talks taxes and vows that the company will…

Ashton D. Coalman III — People and the Planet Before Profits

Duke Energy representative Ashton D. Coalman III apologizes to the ratepayers of North Carolina and…

ECR2 VideoClick the image above to watch our new 30-second video. Then visit our Emergency Climate Response page to see how you can help make sure our leaders stand up to Duke Energy.

JohnsonsAt our annual meeting in December, we presented the John O. Blackburn Award to Joyce and Rev. Nelson Johnson in recognition of their lifelong dedication to social justice.

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