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Plant Security

Since 1998, NC WARN has worked with the Union of Concerned Scientists and other groups to warn that nuclear plants are highly vulnerable to acts of malice. Since 9-11, the industry has continued to place more emphasis on cost-cutting and creating a public relations image of security rather than on actual improvements.


Defense at US Nuclear Power Plants – A Statement by NC WARN

As 9/11 anniversary approaches, the industry still wags the NRC.

Absorbing the Nuclear Fallout – Op Ed, Charlotte Business Journal

It’s too early to know the impact of Japan’s emergency on public health and the industry. But new projects worldwide likely will be delayed as the events at Fukushima are analyzed, and changes are debated in plant design, regulation and emergency planning.

Nuclear Safety in the Carolinas – Charlotte Talks, WFAE 90.7 FM

NC WARN’s director Jim Warren debates Duke Energy’s nuclear policy director Steve Nesbit on Charlotte’s public radio station.

Critics question Shearon Harris emergency plans – ABC News

Progress Energy sends out safety information manuals annually to everyone living within ten miles of the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant, but critics say if something goes wrong at the plant, not nearly enough thought has gone into keeping people safe.

Japanese Nuclear Crisis May Pose Troubles For Duke’s Plans – WFAE Radio Article

The unfolding nuclear plant crisis in Japan could pose significant problems for Duke Energy’s effort to build a new reactor near Gaffney, SC.

Can Shearon Harris withstand a disaster? – ABC News

Threats to the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant have people asking could a major disaster happen here?

Clarifying Nuclear Waste at Shearon Harris – Independent Weekly

Thanks to the many of you who contacted us regarding the Independent Weekly’s late 2009…

Harris Nuclear Plant Fined for Security Violations – News Release by NC WARN

NEWS RELEASE                                                                               Contact:  Jim Warren
August 30, 2007                                                                                                  919-416-5077
Penalty closes two-year scandal after 9…

NRC Lied About Risks of Air Attacks and Fires at U.S. Plants – Statement from NC WARN

*See Note to Editor & UCS Indictment of NRC

State Board Confirms Harris Security Violations – News Release by NC WARN

October 20, 2006
State Board Confirms Shearon Harris Security Violations
Justice agency asserts…

Perhaps the most serious risk of a terrorist attack against a nuclear power station is loss of the pool water that cools and shields the highly radioactive spent fuel assemblies …  the consequences of such an event could be significantly worse than those from Chernobyl - Robert Alvarez - Former Senior Energy Advisor to President Clinton.
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