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Nuclear Waste

Along with the well-known lack of any solution for disposing of “spent” fuel rods and “low-level” radioactive waste, a more immediate concern is that U.S. nuclear plants are storing thousands of tons of spent fuel in an extremely dangerous manner: high-density cooling pools (right)


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Highlights of Report on Spent Fuel – National Academy of Sciences

Safety & Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Public Report, National Academy of Sciences,…

NRC Withholds Study Damaging to Industry – News Release by Nuclear Security Coalition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         March 16, 2005 Contacts:  Jim Warren, NC WARN 919-416-5077, David Lochbaum, Union…

Could a NC Nuclear Accident Affect You?

View map of 50 mile radius around Shearon Harris

NRC Blasted for Subverting Science on Cooling Pool Hazards – News Release by NC WARN

NEWS RELEASE May 21, 2003 919-416-5077 NRC Blasted for Subverting Science on Cooling Pool Hazards…

UNC Researchers: Harris Disaster Could Impact 2 Million – News Release by Orange County Citizens for Nuclear Safety


27 Attorney Generals Urge Security Upgrades for N-plants, Waste Pools

STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL A Communication From the Chief Legal Officers of the following States:   Arizona…

Low-Level Waste Dump

After celebrating the final defeat of North Carolina's 12-year effort to license an ill-conceived seven-state nuclear waste dump, NC WARN has been working with the NC Radiation Protection Commission to help craft state policy for the long-term management of "low-level" radioactive waste. The RPC was instructed to make a recommendation to the NC General Assembly in May of 2000. We’re happy to report that “No dump” is the recommendation — at least for now.

Risks of Harris Waste Pools – Report for Orange Co. by Gordon Thompson

Institute for resource and Security Studies 27 Ellsworth Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, USA Phone: (617)…

Tell Duke Energy: Get on the Right Side of Climate History!

See the letter 36 organizations sent to Duke Energy. Then take action:

1. Tell Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good to cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and help avert climate chaos:
(704) 594-6200
526 S. Church St., Charlotte, NC 28202
tweet @DukeEnergy #ClimateAction

2. Have your organization or business endorse the letter to Duke CEO Good.

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Emergency Methane Action

Watch press conference at the Governor's office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.