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Energy efficiency measures and solar and wind technologies are rapidly being deployed — except in places such as North Carolina, where the power companies continue to impede their advance. Visit our Duke Hates Solar page and our Solarize North Carolina website for good examples of our two-pronged approach to promoting clean energy: pressing Duke Energy to move rapidly toward renewables and energy efficiency while helping the public adopt solar energy without having to wait for Duke.


Jim Warren: First, renewables; later, nuclear retirement — The News & Observer

The climate responds quickly to methane, so reducing emissions can slow global warming in the short term. North Carolinians must require Duke Energy to stop its massive fracked gas expansion and help avoid climate chaos.

How to fight the power company — Scalawag

In 2015, Duke Energy’s state-sanctioned monopoly in North Carolina faced a pair of very different challenges from two vastly different communities. In western North Carolina, thousands of people – mostly White, middle-class, with little organizing experience--turned out in droves to attack Duke Energy’s plans for their beloved mountains. Two hundred miles away in Greensboro, a Piedmont church – serving a mostly Black, low-income community with a history of activism and advocacy stretching back decades – simply put solar panels on its roof.

As Climate Tipping Point Nears, Duke Energy Lags Behind Other Utilities on Renewables — WCHL

Commentary by Jim Warren. Global temperatures in 2016 are near the tipping point that could cause global warming to surge forward under its own momentum. The heating is happening much faster than scientists expected even a year ago.

As Climate Tipping Point Nears, Many Utilities are Powering Forward with Renewables: Duke Energy, Others are Greenwashing Laggards — Note to Editors from NC WARN

Two recent studies combine perfectly to indicate why NC WARN is laser-focused on persuading or requiring Duke Energy to immediately stop its massive expansion of fracked gas and stop holding back the Clean Energy Revolution.

Sustainability is a top focus for Avid Solutions — Winston-Salem Journal

Jim Warren, the executive director of N.C. WARN, a nonprofit power-industry watchdog and clean-energy advocate, said Avid Solutions should be highly commended for its sustainability efforts. “What people might not realize is that that type of project helps the company in a lot of ways, but it helps the public at large by helping cut pollution, including green house emissions,” Warren said.

What Can Durham Do to Become Sun City? — IndyWeek

The Durham Community Land Trustees has been hip to the sun for about a decade now. But solar photovoltaic panels have always been too expensive. Last year, NC WARN put up $20,000 and raised another $22,000 from solar enthusiasts to purchase and install solar panels on a DCLT property in Durham's West End neighborhood.

Nearly 40% of US Electricity Could Come From Rooftop Solar — Greentech Media

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has found that nearly 40 percent of electricity in the U.S. could come from rooftop solar photovoltaics, according to a new study. The total figure, 1,118 gigawatts, is nearly double the previous estimate of 664 gigawatts that NREL calculated in 2008. The increase is due mostly to increasing module power density, more granular data and a better grasp of building suitability for solar.

Rooftop solar energy surges in Orange County — Chapel Hill News

Between now and April 30, two of the biggest Solarize campaign organizers in North Carolina, NextClimate and NC WARN, are joining together to “Solarize the Triangle.” A solar system is a great hedge against increases in electricity rates, and provides tangible savings to those who otherwise may spend much of their limited income on electricity.

A closer look at the Repower Our Schools report and transitioning CMS to solar — Creative Loafing

Just weeks after the release of an extensive report detailing ways in which Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools could conceivably transition completely to solar energy over the coming decades, the path to making it happen remains unclear. [See links to Charlotte report and a similar one for Durham Public Schools.]

Wind, Sun and Fire — The New York Times

Last year was the hottest on record, by a wide margin, which should — but won’t — put an end to climate deniers’ claims that global warming has stopped. The truth is that climate change just keeps getting scarier; it is, by far, the most important policy issue facing America and the world. Still, this election wouldn’t have much bearing on the issue if there were no prospect of effective action against the looming catastrophe.
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