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Challenging Duke Energy

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NC WARN Letter to Duke Energy CEO on Methane Leakage

NC WARN asks Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good to join our call for investigation of methane leakage scandal and to join us in getting methane emissions under control.

Groups File to Intervene in Duke Energy-PNG Merger — News Release from NC WARN

The NC Housing Coalition, The Climate Times and NC WARN have jointly filed to become parties in a merger proposed by Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas.

Groups File Notice of Appeal vs Duke Energy Power Plant — News Release from NC WARN & The Climate Times

NC WARN and The Climate Times have filed Notice of Appeal in their efforts to expose a Duke Energy power plant proposed for Asheville as unneeded, and disastrous both for customers and for the increasingly urgent fight to slow global warming.

Will Anyone Stand Up to Duke Energy?

Extreme weather is harming millions and approaching a chaotic tipping point. Charlotte-based Duke Energy is…

Groups Ask Appeals Court to Step in, Overturn $10 Million Bond in Power Plant Fight — News Release from NC WARN

Today NC WARN and The Climate Times called for the NC Court of Appeals to immediately suspend regulators’ efforts to block our appeal of a Duke Energy power plant in Asheville. Last week, the NC Utilities Commissioners ordered us to post a $10 million bond before we can ask the Court of Appeals to overturn the Commission’s rubber-stamp approval of the plant.

Court Appeal of Church-Solar Test Case Ruling & Penalty Underway — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN is moving the test case over our selling solar power to a Greensboro church to the courts, where we seek to overturn the NC Utilities Commission’s pro-Duke Energy ruling and a truly odd penalty it levied against us.

Ads Press Gubernatorial Candidates to Stand up to Duke Energy, Help Slow Climate Catastrophe — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN is spending donations from its members to take straight to the statewide public the message that climate chaos is a hyper-urgent harm that demands a new kind of civic leadership, public debate and engagement.

NC WARN, Church Reply to Regulators in Solar Test Case — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN today filed a notice with the NC Utilities Commission replying to its April 15 order in the test case over our sales of solar power to the Faith Community Church in Greensboro.

Duke Energy shareholder meeting turns to green energy, environment — Charlotte Observer

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good faced advocates Thursday at a shareholder meeting that has become an annual debate over the company’s environmental policies. Continue reading and see photos and video.

Duke Energy Seeks $50 million Bond from Critics during Appeal of Controversial Power Plant — News Release from NC WARN

Duke Energy is asking regulators to require a $50 million bond from NC WARN and The Climate Times if the two nonprofits appeal last month’s approval of a new gas-fired power plant in Asheville. The groups argue that the NC Utilities Commission rubber-stamped the project without considering expert witnesses who argue that the plant is not needed and would be disastrous for the climate crisis and risky for electricity customers.

ECR2 VideoClick the image above to watch our new 30-second video. Then visit our Emergency Climate Response page to see how you can help make sure our leaders stand up to Duke Energy.

JohnsonsAt our annual meeting in December, we presented the John O. Blackburn Award to Joyce and Rev. Nelson Johnson in recognition of their lifelong dedication to social justice.

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