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Regulators Side with Duke Energy’s Secret-keeping in Statewide Fight — News Release from NC WARN

The NC Utilities Commission has denied our motion to require Duke Energy to stop hiding information critical to the utility’s case to build a large gas-fired power plant in Asheville. This case is a statewide fight – moving toward a public meeting in Raleigh February 22 – with national ramifications over the future of the natural gas industry, the climate crisis and Duke Energy’s business model.

Openly justify the fracking gas plant in Asheville or withdraw the application — Letter to Lyn Good from NC WARN

NC WARN appeals to your sense of propriety and your duty to the people of North Carolina by calling on you to fully and openly justify Duke Energy’s application to build a large fracking gas-fired power plant in Asheville – or to cancel the application.

Duke Energy Hides Key Info in Fracking Gas Power Plant Fight — WCHL

Duke Energy is hiding large blocks of information about its plans to build a billion-dollar power plant in Asheville. NC WARN is pressing state regulators to conduct an open review – not the fast-track rubber stamp Duke wants.

Duke Energy Hides Key Info in Controversial Power Plant Fight — News Release from NC WARN

Durham, NC – Duke Energy is withholding from public view large blocks of information critical to the utility’s case to build a large gas-fired power plant in Asheville. NC WARN and The Climate Times today filed a motion calling for regulators to compel Duke to put the data on the table for scrutiny.

With new Duke natural gas plant, new concerns — Asheville Citizen-Times

A reworked Duke Energy natural gas plant proposal isn't drawing protests as an earlier version did, but some area residents and groups are raising concerns ahead of a North Carolina Utilities Commission meeting on the utility's plans.

Duke gas plant plans released to criticism — Asheville Citizen-Times

Duke Energy Progress is touting plans for a natural gas-fired facility that will replace the coal-powered plant at Lake Julian, but some environmental groups are criticizing a fast-tracked approval process that leaves little time for public scrutiny.

Duke Energy Applies to Build Controversial Gas Plant — News Release from NC WARN

Duke is pressing North Carolina regulators for a fast-track, rubber-stamp approval to build a huge gas-fired power plant in Asheville that isn’t even needed, a project that would accelerate the climate crisis and cause statewide electricity rates to jump. North Carolina needs careful and open review, not secretive, fast-track approval of a climate-wrecking, high-dollar power plant that would add to regional glut of supply.

Duke Energy Presses for Fast-track Approval of Controversial Gas-fired Plant — News Release from NC WARN

Duke Energy responded to our insistence for careful examination of the need for a large gas-fired power plant near Asheville by pressing the NC Utilities Commission to fast-track its approval of the controversial project. The Utilities Commission shouldn’t cut itself off at the knees by letting Duke avoid a full-blown review process.

McCrory’s wining, dining of Duke — Letter to the N&O

In hosting the executives of Duke Energy and his own chief of staff and appointed environmental officials at a dinner at the Executive Mansion, Gov. Pat McCrory clearly demonstrated that his allegiances are with his benefactor and former employer, Duke Energy.

Groups Contest Duke Energy’s Application for New Gas-fired Plant — News Release from NC WARN

State regulators must fully examine Duke Energy’s upcoming application to build a large gas-fired power plant or reject the plant. The project is already highly controversial and will grow more so as the public learns that the plant is not needed, that it would accelerate the climate crisis and would create the risk of soaring electricity rates due to the extreme volatility of natural gas supply and pricing.

Documentary 2 A local filmmaker produced a short documentary on NC WARN’s partnership with Faith Community Church in our Emergency Climate Response and Solar Freedom campaigns. Click to watch the video and take action to help slow climate change!

JohnsonsAt our annual meeting in December, we presented the John O. Blackburn Award to Joyce and Rev. Nelson Johnson in recognition of their lifelong dedication to social justice.

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