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See also Shifting Risks to Customers about Construction Works in Progress laws (CWIP) and Strange Bedfellows about our collaboration with the John Locke Foundation on opposing Duke Energy’s monopoly in North Carolina.


Editors Beware Solar Deception by Duke, Kochs, Allies — News Release from NC WARN

The national campaign by entrenched fossil fuel corporations to stanch the rapid growth of solar power is now playing out full-bore in the North Carolina legislative and public opinion arenas. What needs to be a healthy debate about our state’s electricity and climate path forward is being hijacked by Duke Energy and Koch brother forces that are distorting issues in dire need of clarity.

Red tape preventing Greensboro church from getting solar energy — News & Record

It’s the latest chapter in a solar industry saga in which North Carolina soars above other states in many categories of solar deployment linked to large-scale commercial power projects, but paradoxically it lags in dispersing this burgeoning technology onto rooftops throughout its cities and rural areas.

Freedom Act would allow third-party sales of solar power in N.C. — News & Record

If it [the Energy Freedom Act] becomes law, it would legalize the solar partnership between NC WARN and the Greensboro church without the need for commission approval of the local plan, which is aimed at trailblazing a method of financing that could make solar-energy system affordable for more people.

NC WARN Denounces Duke Energy Coal Ash Plan — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN is strongly opposed to Duke Energy’s announcement today that it plans to transfer its coal ash negligence to Chatham and Lee counties.

Greensboro church installs solar panels, challenges Duke on selling electricity — News & Record

Faith Community Church and the advocacy group NC WARN unveiled a partnership in which the Durham-based nonprofit has installed solar panels on the African American congregation’s rooftop to produce electricity for sale to the church.

Will Duke Energy & the Koch Brothers Kill North Carolina’s Growing Solar Industry?

According to a 2015 poll by Conservatives for Clean Energy, over 86% of NC voters – across the political spectrum – support policies promoting solar power. But Duke Energy is using its corporate muscle to limit the growth of solar.

NC WARN Again Urges Feds to Investigate Southeastern Oversupply of Electricity — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN has called on federal regulators to reconsider their decision not to investigate the costs and benefits of a regional strategy to share electricity supply. In denying our call for investigation on April 30, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ignored Duke Energy’s misrepresentation of NC WARN’s factual and legal position.
NC WARN’s motion for reconsideration
NC WARN’s original federal complaint filed with FERC
Glut in Southeastern Electric Supply as Monopolies Keep Building Plants, Raising Rates — News Release from NC WARN
Map of Southeastern Glut
Regulatory Contortion allows Duke, others to gouge customers — News Release from NC WARN

Utilities wage campaign against rooftop solar — The Washington Post

Three years ago, the nation’s top utility executives gathered at a Colorado resort to hear warnings about a grave new threat to operators of America’s electric grid: not superstorms or cyberattacks, but rooftop solar panels.

2015 Duke Energy Shareholder Meeting

On May 7th, 2015 NC WARN and our allies raised the pressure on Duke Energy to clean up their coal ash and get on board with rooftop solar. We had a presence outside and inside the meeting to stand up for energy and climate justice!

Solar power and competition are good for all customers — Winston Salem Journal

It is curious that Duke Energy is aggressively lobbying against the new Energy Freedom Act, bipartisan state legislation that would open the door to rooftop solar competition, thereby helping the same low-wealth communities for which Duke now professes concern.

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