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See also Shifting Risks to Customers about Construction Works in Progress laws (CWIP) and Strange Bedfellows about our collaboration with the John Locke Foundation on opposing Duke Energy’s monopoly in North Carolina.


NAACP, Allies Call on Governor to Get Ahead of Job Losses in Coal-power Communities — News Release from NC WARN

An alliance of social justice, labor and environmental groups today called on Governor Pat McCrory to plan ahead for the inevitable closure of coal-fired power plants by appointing a “green ribbon panel” to help coal plant employees and their communities transition to the growing sector of green energy jobs.

Church-Solar Test Case Draws Broad Support — News Release from NC WARN

Duke Energy seeks massive penalty against NC WARN, but the Christian Coalition and other faith and conservation groups join the state and national solar industry to seek an end to monopoly control of rooftop. Church Fights Duke Energy for 3rd Party Solar -- ABC 11 News [includes video]

Duke Energy Seeks $120,000 Sanction against Critics in Church-Solar Test Case — News Release from NC WARN

As a legal battle begins over whether only Duke Energy can sell electricity in its captive territories, the nation’s largest electric corporation is calling for massive financial punishment of its long-time critic, nonprofit NC WARN, for selling solar power to a community church in Greensboro. Duke Energy wants fines against Greensboro church's solar project -- Taft Wareback, News & Record Duke Energy urges regulators to fine advocates in solar case -- Bruce Henderson, The Charlotte Observer

Open Letter to Duke Energy CEO, Lynn Good, on Proposed Asheville Gas Plant — NC WARN and Climate Voices US

It is patently dishonest for Duke Energy to imply it is helping slow climate change while pretending that the impacts of methane leakage somehow can be ignored – especially when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change now warns that methane is 86 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. Your people surely know this. Why do you allow Duke officials to keep distorting this critical issue that defeats the notion of natural gas as a “bridge fuel”?

Rein in Duke Energy, Groups Tell Attorney General — News Release from NC WARN

An alliance of nonprofits today called for NC Attorney General Roy Cooper to assert his explicit legal authority to enforce the corporate charter of Duke Energy, saying an investigation of the corporation’s North Carolina operations is required due to its history of criminality – from partnering with Enron to coal ash failures – and a rapidly advancing climate crisis that could see sea levels rise 10 feet by mid-century. See coverage in the Los Angeles Times, Charlotte Observer and others.

Complaint charges Duke Energy touts clean power in West while polluting Southeast — LA Times

The nation’s largest utility and a leading developer of renewable energy for the Los Angeles area is under fire in a complaint that accuses the company of being one of the worst polluters in the country.

Duke Energy derides new call for state investigation as a ‘stunt’ — Charlotte Business Journal

NC WARN and other advocacy groups hope a seldom-used legal gambit will push N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper to investigate Duke Energy’s environmental practices and take the extreme step of ordering changes to the company's corporate charter. “Mr. Cooper has shown courage in standing against several Duke Energy rate increases that were unjust,” says Connie Leeper, organizing director for NC WARN. “We urge him to use this opportunity to provide unprecedented leadership to slow climate change before it spins entirely out of human control.”

Watch groups ask NC AG to investigate practices of Duke Energy — WNCN

Watchdog groups are calling on Attorney General Roy Cooper to open an investigation into the practices of Duke Energy. NC WARN filed a complaint with Cooper’s office that said Duke Energy could be in violation of its corporate charter. Watch 1-minute broadcast.

Duke Energy foes seek sanctions — News & Observer

A Durham-based clean energy advocacy group with a long history of being a thorn in the side of Duke Energy launched a new attack on the giant utility Wednesday. Watch video

Advocates seek changes to Duke Energy’s charter — Charlotte Observer

A Durham advocacy group asked Attorney General Roy Cooper on Wednesday to take legal action to amend Duke Energy’s corporate charter, citing Duke’s contributions to climate change among other claims... [Duke Energy] spokeswoman Paige Sheehan said... “It’s unfortunate when discussions of our energy future are clouded by misinformation.”
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