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Challenging Duke Energy

Challenging Duke Energy to join the clean energy revolution is what we are all about. In addition to the posts below, see:
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Protesters oppose Duke Energy-Piedmont Natural Gas merger — Charlotte Observer

The chief executives of Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas defended their merger Monday under questioning by advocates who hope to derail it. An attorney for NC WARN, a Durham nonprofit, and two other advocacy groups questioned the CEOs on risks to customers of the electric and gas utilities at a hearing before the N.C. Utilities Commission. Read more and watch 1-minute video.

Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas CEOs to testify on acquisition — Charlotte Observer

The chief executives of Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas will testify as the N.C. Utilities Commission opens a hearing Monday on Duke’s $4.9 billion acquisition of its Charlotte neighbor. Attorneys for environmental advocates will be allowed to cross-examine Duke CEO Lynn Good and Piedmont’s Thomas Skains.

Group Seeks Ban of Backroom Deals by Duke Energy, Regulators — News Release from NC WARN

Today NC WARN filed a petition with the NC Utilities Commission that seeks to end the longstanding pattern of Duke Energy and the regulators deciding billion-dollar cases behind closed doors. Specifically, we’re calling for an open discussion – with all interested parties – on a rules change that would create a fair and transparent process for settling those cases. The Charlotte Observer reported on our petition July 18, 2016: Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas CEOs to testify on acquisition

Jim Warren: Enormous Stakes — The News & Observer

We’re asking the NC Court of Appeals to require an open, careful debate over Duke’s project. If Duke Energy is so uncertain about its case for the plant, its shareholders should bear any risks of proceeding with construction. And we’ll continue speaking out when state officials favor Duke Energy instead of the public interest.

NC WARN, Climate Times told to put up $98M bond to appeal Duke power plant permit — The News & Observer

NC WARN, based in Durham, and Climate Times, based in Boone, planned to challenge the permit in court. The two groups say that natural gas, largely derived from fracking – an energy industry technique used to extract oil and gas from rock by injecting high-pressure mixtures of water, sand or gravel and chemicals – results in methane leaks that release more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than burning coal does.

Future of Natural Gas Hinges on Stanching Methane Leaks — The New York Times

In the energy business, natural gas is supposed to be one of the good guys — the cleaner-burning fossil fuel that can help wean the world from dirty coal during the transition to a low-carbon future.

Regulators Hike Environmentalists’ Bond For Asheville Plant Appeal — WFAE

State regulators have delivered another blow to environmentalists trying to block a new power plant in Asheville. The North Carolina Utilities Commission says two groups must post a $98 million bond before they can appeal.

Regulators order $98M bond in Duke plant fight — News Release from NC WARN

By setting a $98 million bond in today’s order, the Utilities Commission again has wrongly attempted to block our access to the courthouse – and shield itself and Duke Energy from scrutiny over the approval of a new $1 billion power plant in Asheville that is unneeded, would rely on a shaky supply of shale gas, and would further speed the climate crisis.

Backroom Dealing Taints Yet Another Duke Energy Case — News Release from NC WARN

For at least the fifth straight time in a major Duke Energy case, state regulators have undermined any semblance of fair process – this time by cutting a backroom deal with the utility in a $6 billion merger with Piedmont Natural Gas even before receiving input from either the public or formal parties to the case. The NC Utilities Commission took the extra step this time of granting Duke’s request to disallow testimonies by two natural gas experts fielded by NC WARN and allies.

Duke Energy’s worrisome move to silence nonprofits — News & Observer

One of the most important roles that nonprofit organizations play in our society is that of values guardian... That Duke Energy wants two nonprofits to have to raise $240 million to challenge it in court shows how barriers can be erected to make it difficult for nonprofits to play this vital role. (Op-Ed by director of Institute for Nonprofits at NC State.)

ECR2 VideoClick the image above to watch our new 30-second video. Then visit our Emergency Climate Response page to see how you can help make sure our leaders stand up to Duke Energy.

JohnsonsAt our annual meeting in December, we presented the John O. Blackburn Award to Joyce and Rev. Nelson Johnson in recognition of their lifelong dedication to social justice.

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