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Whistleblower Complaint to EPA

On June 8, 2016, NC WARN filed a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General at the Environmental Protection Agency alleging fraud in two scientific studies of methane emissions levels from the natural gas industry. The lead author was an EPA employee at the time the studies were published and the study results have been used by EPA in setting standards for the gas industry. Over 130 organizations endorsed our call for an investigation. Read more and see our full complaint and list of endorsing organizations.


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EPA’s Methane Estimates for Oil and Gas Sector Under Investigation — Inside Climate News

The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Inspector General will investigate how the agency estimates methane emissions from the oil and gas sector after an environmental group alleged that its emission estimates and regulations are based, in part, on faulty studies.

Record 4-year Global Heating Continues As Whistleblower Complaint Leads to Inquiry into Underreporting of Methane Emissions — Note to Editors from NC WARN

The EPA’s inspector general’s office announced Wednesday that it will evaluate EPA methane emissions estimates for the oil and gas sector to determine “whether concerns about technical or other problems with [the Allen studies of 2013 and 2014] were … addressed or resolved” by the EPA. Those problems were the subject of a June 2016 complaint filed by NC WARN. See report on Inspector General's announcement in Inside Climate News.

NC WARN Pushes for Investigation of EPA in Methane Scandal — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN is pushing back hard against a federal bureaucracy that has so far not accepted its duty to rein in scientific fraud and possible criminality in a case with ramifications for the global climate crisis that are impossible to overstate.

130 Groups Seek Investigation of EPA Methane Scandal — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN sent the Inspector General of the US EPA a statement signed by 130 diverse organizations calling for an investigation into our June 8 complaint that scientific fraud and cover-up by agency officials has already wasted crucial years in slowing the climate crisis and has enhanced hazards for gas facility workers and neighbors.

Erratic gizmo helps ignite methane controversy — ClimateWire

U.S. EPA is reviewing a complaint filed by an environmental group last week alleging that a scientist on the agency's advisory board committed fraud.

Key government reports were wrong about methane leaks’ severity, environmental group alleges — LA Times

An environmental organization filed a federal complaint Wednesday, alleging that key reports by a top U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official wrongfully stated the severity of methane leaks across the nation’s natural gas industry.

Whistleblower: EPA Official Covered up Methane Leakage Problems across US Natural Gas Industry — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN charged today that a high-ranking federal official connected to the fossil fuel industry committed scientific fraud and possibly criminal misconduct in a case with sweeping ramifications for global climate change and the safety of workers and neighbors of natural gas sites across much of the United States. Read coverage by the LA Times, Washington Post and other media outlets.

Tell Duke Energy: Get on the Right Side of Climate History!

See the letter 36 organizations sent to Duke Energy. Then take action:

1. Tell Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good to cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and help avert climate chaos:
(704) 594-6200
526 S. Church St., Charlotte, NC 28202
tweet @DukeEnergy #ClimateAction

2. Have your organization or business endorse the letter to Duke CEO Good.

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Emergency Methane Action

Watch press conference at the Governor's office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.