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Will Duke University Rise to Become a Climate Hero? — WCHL

Commentary by Jim Warren. Duke University can help slow the climate crisis – or make it worse at a critical time. Listen to audio. Read text.

Duke Energy Sidestepping Pollution Controls at Duke University Project – News Release and Letter from NC WARN

Duke Energy is attempting to save money by avoiding standard pollution controls at the fracked gas-fired power plant it proposes to build on the Duke University campus. This would allow a key respiratory pollutant to be emitted at a rate ten times higher than allowed at most other facilities – and the plant would be disastrous for the climate.

Plans for proposed campus power plant stalled — The Chronicle

The company has requested that the North Carolina Utilities Commission postpone a hearing on the proposed plant from Jan. 24 to late spring. The filing notes that “the University’s administration has indicated that it needs more time to work with University stakeholders regarding the role of the CHP [combined heat and power plant] in the broader context of the University's sustainability goals."

Duke Energy’s Natural Gas Plant on Duke University’s Campus Is On Hold — INDY Week

While the news marks a victory for those who have been outspoken against a "fracked gas" plant existing on a progressive university campus, NC WARN executive director Jim Warren was only cautiously optimistic about the project's latest turn.

Duke Energy requests delay on power plant at Duke University — The Daily Tarheel

Duke Energy’s plan to put a plant at Duke University might be powering down—at least for a little while. The energy company is seeking a delay until early summer for its proposal to put a 21-megawatt combined heating and power plant at Duke University after pushback from the public. Duke Energy said the plant will reduce its carbon footprint and provide additional backup power in case of a power emergency.

Duke Energy seeks delay for controversial Duke University plant – Charlotte Business Journal

The Durham advocacy group NC WARN, a consistent critic of Duke Energy proposals for new plant construction, has been in the thick of the battle over the campus plant. While the university has not withdrawn from the project, NC WARN Executive Director Jim Warren, sees the delay as a victory. See more articles on this here.

Duke University’s natural gas-fired combined heat and power plant – not so fast — Durham Herald-Sun

Op-ed by Kelly Garvy.  Earlier this year, Duke University unveiled its proposal to build a $55 million, 21-megawatt, natural gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant on its campus, to be owned and operated by Duke Energy. This plant has significant implications for Duke Energy ratepayers and citizens of North Carolina on everything from monthly utility bills to public health to climate action.

Duke should reject fracked gas plant — The News & Observer

Letter to the editor by Connie Leeper. NC WARN urges Duke University President Richard Brodhead to take assertive action to avert the accelerating climate crisis. Instead of helping Duke Energy advance a national scheme to expand the burning of fracked gas on campuses, he should join the leading universities that are adopting clean energy innovations.

Duke University plant would turn away from renewable energy – The News & Observer

Op-Ed By William H. Schlesinger Renewable energy is the way; not skirting under the bar of EPA regulations with an array of small power plants that maintain the old ways of doing business. Setting an example for others, a solar-powered campus would light the way for bright young minds of the next generation.

Letter to the Editor — Durham Herald Sun

NC WARN has long supported combined heat and power technology – when it’s used as an energy-saving measure. What Duke Energy executives are proposing, however, is an unneeded power plant that would expand the burning of shale gas, perpetuating the disastrous fracking boom.
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