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Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Duke Energy and Dominion Resources want to build this 550-mile pipeline to bring natural gas from fracking fields in West Virginia and Pennsylvania to power plants in North Carolina. The project is part of a major shift to make gas “the backbone” of Duke Energy’s future, according to Duke CEO Lynn Good. NC WARN is part of the Alliance to Stop the Pipeline, which includes groups in both North Carolina and Virginia. Learn more here.


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Atlantic Coast Pipeline price tag could hit $6.5B, Duke Energy CEO says — Charlotte Business Journal

Duke Energy Corp. CEO Lynn Good says the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline could now cost as much as $6.5 billion to complete — about 30% more than estimated when the project was first proposed just three-and-a-half years ago.

Entertainment Activists & 36 Nonprofits to Duke Energy CEO: Help Avert Climate, Social Chaos before It’s Too Late for Us All — News Release from NC WARN

Nine national organizations join call for Lynn Good to get on the right side of history; ad campaign will urge more nonprofits, businesses and individuals to speak up. Support this effort by emailing Lynn Good at and tweeting @DukeEnergy with #ClimateAction.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will not bring the jobs that it claims — The News & Observer

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and Governor Cooper just capitulated to pressure and abdicated their responsibility to their state and to the people who elected Cooper. Governor Cooper and the NC DEQ relied on questionable data, provided by Dominion Energy, when they granted the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) one of its most coveted permits. It doesn’t take much to pull the curtain back on the economic projections conducted by the pipeline to realize its promises are a fantasy.

Pipeline site clearing to begin — Rocky Mount Telegram

The state has granted the final regulatory approval needed for pre-construction work on an interstate natural gas pipeline through Nash County, opponents appear to be digging in their heels and Republican lawmakers have made a move to capture a fund set up by builders to lessen the impact in Nash and the seven other counties in the pipeline’s route.

Gas Pipeline Approval Abuses People and is a Climate and Economic Tragedy — News Release from NC WARN

Governor Cooper’s approval of fracked gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline could commit energy customers to pay for outdated technology. This decision is a loser for the people of eastern North Carolina, their economy and the urgent fight to slow climate change.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline points the wrong way to energy’s future — News & Observer

Editorial by Ned Barnett. Duke Energy and other advocates for building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline have come up with a peculiar new justification for the $5 billion project – climate change.

ACP owners confident — The Robesonian

The governmental approval process for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline continues at a pace that points to construction beginning in early 2018... The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval ruling of Oct. 13 ... is being challenged by NC WARN, a Durham-based nonprofit that addresses “the climate crisis and other hazards posed by electricity generation.”

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will slow conversion to more renewable energy — The News & Observer

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is being touted as a vital supply line for economic development in eastern North Carolina, but it also would contribute to a major threat to the flood-prone region by exacerbating climate change.

Groups appeal Atlantic Coast Pipeline approval — The Wilson Times

An alliance of 21 local and state interest groups has begun an appeal process asking federal authorities to suspend approval of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. N.C. WARN, an opponent of the proposed $5 billion project to bring natural gas from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina, said in a release Monday that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission “cut corners, ignored environmental justice and climate destruction and usurped state authority in approving construction.”

21 Groups Appeal Approval of Atlantic Coast Fracked Gas Pipeline — News Release from NC WARN

A broad alliance of local and state public interest groups today began the appeal process of a hotly contested natural gas pipeline, saying federal regulators cut corners, ignored environmental injustice and climate destruction, and usurped state authority in approving construction.

Tell Duke Energy: Get on the Right Side of Climate History!

See the letter 36 organizations sent to Duke Energy. Then take action:

1. Tell Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good to cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and help avert climate chaos:
(704) 594-6200
526 S. Church St., Charlotte, NC 28202
tweet @DukeEnergy #ClimateAction

2. Have your organization or business endorse the letter to Duke CEO Good.

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