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Duke’s 15-Year Plan

Duke Energy’s Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) are the planning documents the corporation must submit to the NC Utilities Commission. Since 2013, NC WARN has been publishing and updating A Responsible Energy Future for North Carolina, which presents a realistic, clean alternative to Duke Energy’s IRPs. We also argue at the Utilities Commission against Duke’s IRPs, which call for continued burning of climate-killing fossil fuels into the forseeable future.


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Local Solar & Batteries Can Rapidly Replace Fossil Fuel Electricity, Save 10s of Billions, Create 1000s of Jobs across North Carolina, Says Energy Engineer — News Release from NC WARN

Recent leaps in battery technology, combined with falling solar power prices and energy-saving advances, mean North Carolina can replace all fossil fuels used for electricity by 2030, and half by 2025... That’s according to a comprehensive new report called NORTH CAROLINA CLEAN PATH 2025: Achieving an Economical Clean Energy Future. NC WARN commissioned the report by veteran energy engineer Bill Powers of San Diego.

Pull the Plug on Duke’s Nuclear Boondoggle — NC WARN News Release

Today NC WARN called for state regulators to disallow any further spending by Duke Energy on two proposed reactors now that its 13-year odyssey is off the rails following the recent collapse of the Toshiba-Westinghouse nuclear division.

Duke Energy Executives Count on Climate-Wrecking Fracked Gas & Captive Regulators – but Little Solar or Wind – for Years to Come — News Release from NC WARN

If the NC Utilities Commission approves Duke Energy’s latest 15-year Integrated Resource Plan, it risks bankrupting North Carolina’s economy through costly overbuilding of high-risk power plants. And the utility will continue fouling our air and water while escalating the global climate crisis as one of the world’s largest carbon polluters.

Exposing Duke Energy’s Fiction: Actual Growth Rate is Three Times Lower than Estimates Used to Argue for New Plants over the Years — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN has long maintained that Duke Energy wildly exaggerates projections of electricity demand so it can keep building unneeded power plants and raising customer rates – and that state regulators should scrutinize the estimates instead of accepting Duke execs at their word year after year.

Don’t Buy Duke Energy Deception on Emissions — News Release from NC WARN

Duke Energy is telling the news media it is already on track to meet carbon reduction targets in the new EPA Clean Power Plan, which calls for 32 percent lower emissions from electric power plants by 2030. This is countered by available data and appears to be a dangerous fiction – more greenwashing of the corporate image.

Long-Range Plan Talking Points — NC WARN

Learn why Duke Energy’s 15-year plan to provide power to North Carolina is highly irresponsible and how the people of North Carolina can choose a cleaner path forward.

A Responsible Energy Future Update – Report from NC WARN

If the [NC Utilities] Commission approves Duke’s latest 15-year plan, filed last October, it approves a status quo threatening to bankrupt North Carolina’s economy and continue polluting our air and water. NC WARN proposes an alternative, responsible energy plan that would phase out all existing coal-burning power plants and eliminate the need for new power plants, replacing them with energy efficiency, solar energy, combined heat and power (CHP), and other forms of distributed generation, along with strategic purchases from other utilities in the Southeast. View entire report here

Duke Energy critics speak out during public hearing — ABC 11

State law requires Duke Energy to rely more on renewable energy sources in the near future. Environmentalists said, instead of moving in that direction, Duke is polluting the environment and passing the costs off to consumers.

NC WARN Presses Alternate Plan for NC Energy Future: 2014 Update — News Release from NC WARN

In response to Duke Energy’s 2012 IRP, NC WARN created an alternative: A Responsible Energy Future for North Carolina. We have just released an adjusted proposal to reflect the flat demand predicted by Jim Rogers and others, along with a greater adoption of renewable energy, energy efficiency and combined heat and power.

Natural gas fuels Duke Energy’s 15-year plan — Charlotte Business Journal

Duke Energy Corp. customers in the Carolinas looking for relief from rate hikes are likely to be disappointed over the next several years. That is particularly true for customers at Duke Energy Progress, which forecasts the need for as many as five new natural gas plants between now and 2022.
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