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New NC Nukes Aren’t Needed


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Duke Energy’s Nuclear Boondoggle: Cancellation After Tragic Delay – NC WARN News Release

As the US nuclear “renaissance” collapses, we urge CEOs to turn hard toward climate protection

More Cost Increases for Delayed Reactors in SC, Georgia — The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Just a week before Georgia Power witnesses are set to testify before the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) on the 13th semi-annual Vogtle Construction Monitoring report, significant project management changes and major cost increases were announced that will negatively impact customers for the already over budget two nuclear reactors under construction at Plant Vogtle near Waynesboro along the Savannah River.

Duke suspends plans for Shearon Harris expansion — WRAL

Duke Energy notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Thursday that it is suspending its application to build new reactors at the Shearon Harris nuclear plant. NC WARN welcomed the announcement but scolded the utility for wasting millions of dollars that could have been spent on energy-saving programs. "The Shearon Harris failure perfectly typifies why the U.S. nuclear 'renaissance' is making global warming worse," Executive Director Jim Warren said in a statement.

Group Says Nuclear Won’t Help Climate Change – WUNC Radio

A Durham-based environmental group warns utility companies are trying to add nuclear capacity without significantly reducing their use of coal power. A report from NC WARN focuses on what they call the "Southeast Five." That includes both Duke Energy and Progress Energy. Jim Warren is executive director of NC WARN.

GE Sees Solar Cheaper than Oil, Nukes – Bloomberg

Solar power may be cheaper than electricity generated by fossil fuels and nuclear reactors within three to five years because of innovations, said Mark M. Little, the global research director for General Electric Co.

Absorbing the Nuclear Fallout – Op Ed, Charlotte Business Journal

It’s too early to know the impact of Japan’s emergency on public health and the industry. But new projects worldwide likely will be delayed as the events at Fukushima are analyzed, and changes are debated in plant design, regulation and emergency planning.

Critics question Shearon Harris emergency plans – ABC News

Progress Energy sends out safety information manuals annually to everyone living within ten miles of the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant, but critics say if something goes wrong at the plant, not nearly enough thought has gone into keeping people safe.

Duke CEO’s Nuclear Colors – Hearing Highlights – Statement from NC WARN

Duke Energy’s Jim Rogers keeps talking a good game about pursuing “a mix” of electricity technologies, but yesterday’s hearing at the NC Utilities Commission again exposed that as a public relations facade.

Japanese Nuclear Crisis May Pose Troubles For Duke’s Plans – WFAE Radio Article

The unfolding nuclear plant crisis in Japan could pose significant problems for Duke Energy's effort to build a new reactor near Gaffney, SC.

Duke Seeks $459 Million for Possible Nuclear Plant – Statement from NC WARN

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers is now under an FBI investigation for allegedly seeking to ensure his customers absorb massive cost overruns at a power plant construction project.
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