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New NC Coal Plants Aren’t Needed


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Debunking Duke Energy Deception over Emissions, Coal Plant Closures — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN urges news outlets to scrutinize the corporate PR more closely. CEO Lynn Good repeated the greenwashing stats yet again at the May 7 stockholder meeting: emissions are down, and we’ve closed more than 20 coal-fired power plants. NC WARN’s analysis shows why that claim is bogus.

$25 Billion Duke Energy Discrepancy Requires Explanation — News Release from NC WARN

NC WARN is calling on Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good to explain major discrepancies between official regulatory filings and what corporate executives are telling Wall Street about projected electricity demand. The correct information could lead to either $25 billion in new power plants and continuing rate increases across the Carolinas – or none at all.

Large Power Plants Sit Idle in North Carolina while Duke Wants to Raise Rates to Build New Ones – News Release by NC WARN

Duke Energy has a hefty surplus of generation capacity; it should promptly retire at least one newer coal-burning plant and stop trying to build nuclear reactors. NC WARN News Release Too Much Baseload Legal Brief

NC WARN challenges Duke, Progress PR, growth claims – News Release by NC WARN

Arguments for new nuclear, coal plants ignore years of flat growth, rising rates, and a restructured economic future

NC WARN wins important round vs Duke Energy – Announcment from NC WARN

The NC Court of Appeals has dismissed an appeal by Duke Energy in an important case involving electricity rates and the future of new power plants.

Ending North Carolina’s Dependence on Dirty Coal – Facing South

As a state that depends heavily on coal-fired power, North Carolina currently dumps more climate-disrupting carbon dioxide pollution into the environment from burning fossil fuels than 186 nations.

NC Can, Must Phase Out Coal – News Release by NC WARN

NC WARN Announces New Campaign Dr. John Blackburn's Analysis Graphs Showing Coal Phase Out

NC Commission Green-lights Duke Energy Expansion in South Carolina – News Release by NC WARN

Last week the NC Utilities Commission approved Duke’s wholesale contract with five electric cooperatives in South Carolina. It is more than clear that Cliffside is being built so Duke can add new customers despite Duke’s years-long insistence that Cliffside was needed to accommodate growth within its approved territory.

Commission Denies NC WARN Motion to Halt Construction of Cliffside Power Plant – News Release by NC WARN

NC Utilities Commission declines to conduct hearing, and signals that Duke Energy can keep building power plants to expand its outside customer base

NC WARN Legal Action Against Duke Deal for New Outside Customers – News Release by NC WARN

NC customers would pay higher rates to build Cliffside and nuclear plants so the power company can expand in South Carolina.
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