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Cliffside (James E. Rogers Energy Complex)


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Group opposes Duke Energy plans to burn natural gas in Cliffside coal plant — Charlotte Business Journal

Advocacy group NC WARN wants state regulators to hold hearings on Duke Energy’s $56 million plan to upgrade its Cliffside coal units to burn natural gas. NC WARN contends that upgrading Duke Energy's two Cliffside coal units at the Rogers Energy Complex would be needlessly expensive and environmentally unsound.

Cliffside Could Endanger Our Health – Oped by Physicians in The Charlotte Observer

Two prominent Charlotte physicians warn about mercury and other health impacts of a new Cliffside unit (from Jan. 08 but new to our website)

Commission Denies NC WARN Motion to Halt Construction of Cliffside Power Plant – News Release by NC WARN

NC Utilities Commission declines to conduct hearing, and signals that Duke Energy can keep building power plants to expand its outside customer base

Six Arrested at Governor’s Mansion in Peaceful Civil Disobedience – News Release by NC WARN

On Saturday, International 350 Action Day, NC WARN, Greenpeace and other allies held a strong March for Climate Leadership in Raleigh. We’re building pressure to save our climate, stop Cliffside, and hold our leaders accountable.

March For Climate Leadership – Announcement from NC WARN

A Call to Conscience on International 350 Day of Climate Action, Oct. 24, 2009.

NC WARN Legal Action Against Duke Deal for New Outside Customers – News Release by NC WARN

NC customers would pay higher rates to build Cliffside and nuclear plants so the power company can expand in South Carolina.

Duke Energy’s Cliffside Rate Hike – Announcement from NC WARN

Duke Energy is seeking an 18% rate hike this year for residential electricity customers. Over 13.5% would cover costs such as the Cliffside coal-fired power plant, now under construction west of Charlotte. Another 4.5% increase has recently been approved for rising costs of coal.

Bond Ratings Drop Over "Bet the Farm" Risk of Nukes – Coal Problems Too – News Release by NC WARN

Moody's says new nuclear plants are a ‘‘bet the farm’’ risk; the report parallels coal plant financing risks, boosting our call for halting Duke’s Cliffside project.

24 Groups Back Revocation Motion – News Release by NC WARN

NC WARN's motion cites Duke's attempts to expand its customer base; long-term projections prove Cliffside is an unnecessary risk to ratepayers, health and climate

Groups Win Round vs. Cliffside – Annoucement from NC WARN

A long-awaited ruling in the multi-pronged appeal of the Cliffside power plant's air pollution permit was issued yesterday.
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Emergency Methane Action

Watch press conference at the Governor's office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.