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Climate Change Will Accelerate Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction — Smithsonian Magazine

The pace at which species disappear is picking up as temperatures rise, and things are looking especially troubling in the tropics.

Climate, Coral and Sarah Palin – The New York Times, News and Observer

Climate scientists and meteorologists disagree on warming; coral reefs are dying around the world; and rising sea levels have claimed a small island in the Bay of Bengal.

Synopsis of Recent Scientific Findings on Global Warming – A Statement by NC WARN

Despite a well-funded public relations offensive by polluting industries, by 2001 scientific consensus was solid: Rising global temperatures are primarily caused by burning fossil fuels. Since then, evidence is mounting that 1) global warming is advancing rapidly; 2) rising temperatures are driving extreme weather; 3) the rate of warming is accelerating at a disturbing pace; and 4) we are rapidly approaching a point of no return.
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Emergency Methane Action

Watch press conference at the Governor's office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.