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Trigaux: If you’re not mad at Duke Energy, you’re not paying attention — Tampa Bay Times

In 2014, Duke's delivered little but calamity, especially in Florida, where customers serve as company punching bags. But even in its home state of North Carolina, Duke fumbled. Now it's busy downplaying a horrible environmental spill of its own making. A toxic sludge of 39,000 tons of arsenic-laced coal ash and 27,000 gallons of contaminated water now coats nearly 70 miles of the once-scenic Dan River.

State Holds Hearing To Consider Duke Energy Efficiency Policy — WUNC

State regulators are considering a plan to allow Duke Energy to charge customers a little more as it increases energy efficiency. A group of non-profits at the hearing, including NC WARN, said Duke should invest more in community-based efforts to weatherize homes and reduce monthly power bills without raising rates.

Clean Power and Housing Advocates Seek Energy-Saving for Those Who Need it Most — News Release from NC WARN

Today NC WARN filed a proposal with state regulators that would cut power bills for thousands of customers, immediately create hundreds of jobs and boost local economies.

Energy Efficiency policies deliver, save consumers billions – ACEEE News Release

States across the country have been reaching or exceeding their energy savings goals established through Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS), thereby lowering utility bills for consumers and reducing the need to build costly new power plants.

Large Power Plants Sit Idle in North Carolina while Duke Wants to Raise Rates to Build New Ones – News Release by NC WARN

Duke Energy has a hefty surplus of generation capacity; it should promptly retire at least one newer coal-burning plant and stop trying to build nuclear reactors. NC WARN News Release Too Much Baseload Legal Brief

Groups don’t want utilities to raise rates to build nuclear plants – WRAL

Several organizations fired a pre-emptive strike Tuesday against plans by two North Carolina utilities.

Full-page ads claim state panel caved to builders on home energy efficiency standards – NC Independent News

Ads by NC WARN say NC Building Code Council cut back on new home standards that would produce long-term savings for buyers

Why Do Home Builders Want You to Waste Money? – News Release by NC WARN

The NC Building Code Council capitulated to pressure by the NC Home Builders Association, which will cost homeowners higher power bills while squandering state efforts to help curb global climate change.

Executive Director, Jim Warren, Interviewed on UNC-TV

Jim Warren was interviewed on NC Now - a program broadcast statewide on public television, UNC-TV - on NC WARN's current focus to increase energy efficiency and adopt renewable energy sources in North Carolina.

Ending North Carolina’s Dependence on Dirty Coal – Facing South

As a state that depends heavily on coal-fired power, North Carolina currently dumps more climate-disrupting carbon dioxide pollution into the environment from burning fossil fuels than 186 nations.

Emergency Methane Action

Watch press conference at the Governor's office in Raleigh on June 15, 2017 featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP.
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