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Jennifer Eison, Youth Climate Justice Organizer:
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Connie Leeper, Organizing Director:
Narkie Nartey, Administrative Assistant:
Madeline Parker, Youth Climate Justice Organizer:
Kim Porter, Community Organizer:
Sally Robertson, Solar Projects Coordinator:
John Runkle, Legal Counsel:
Bryanne Senor, Volunteer & Communications Coordinator:
Jim Warren, Executive Director:

In Memoriam

L to R: Jim Warren, John Blackburn and John Runkle

L to R: Jim Warren, John Blackburn and John Runkle

On January 16th, 2011, Dr. John Blackburn died unexpectedly but quietly in his home. He was a wonderful friend and colleague  – our volunteer technical advisor for over five years – and all of us at NC WARN miss him dearly. Please see more on remembering Dr. Blackburn here.

We would also like to remember Margie Ellison, who we are honored to have worked with. She is pictured here with Rev. William Barber at the 2010 HKonJ March in Raleigh.

Margie’s life was dedicated to the struggle for civil rights and for social, economic, and environmental justice. We keep her family and friends in our thoughts.

NC WARN owes its very existence to Lee County’s Billie Elmore. This retired therapist co-founded NC WARN in the late 1980s and played a major role in the remarkable defeat of Gov. Jim Martin’s intensive, five-year effort to build a hazardous waste incinerator in 21 successive counties.


One of Billie’s favorite moments: being handcuffed to actor Martin Sheen in 1993 protesting hazardous waste incineration.

This woman was fiercely courageous in challenging government-corporate collusion and deception, and she became nationally prominent in the grassroots fight to stop dioxin-creating waste incineration.

After retiring as NC WARN’s unpaid coordinator in 1993, Billie remained active for several years as a member of the board, a mentor to Executive Director Jim Warren, and a member of the Warren County Citizen-State PCB Working Group. Billie passed away in 1999.

For those who are understandably frustrated by the power of corporate polluters and the governments which often serve their interests over those of the public, Billie’s story is a hopeful reminder that ordinary people working together can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

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Emergency Methane Action

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