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Past Victories

“NC WARN can take credit for security doors at the Shearon Harris nuclear plant that actually latch and lock…and for over $10 million of fire protection restoration efforts…When people can achieve so much as NC WARN, it is my pleasure and reward to help.”

— David Lochbaum, our ally and top nuclear safety expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists, 1996-2009

To learn more about NC WARN’s past victories, you can watch the video NC WARN Highlights: The First 15 Years.

  • New Nukes, 2005-present
    NC WARN has played an integral role in stopping the US nuclear “renaissance.” New reactors that Duke Energy planned at its Shearon Harris plant in Wake County were canceled in May 2013. In August 2017, reactors at Duke’s Lee station in South Carolina and SCE&G’s VC Summer plant in South Carolina were canceled. Southern Company’s Vogtle plant in Georgia is the only remaining new nuclear project underway, and will probably be canceled soon.
  • Exposing Nuclear Power Risks, ongoing
    NC WARN continues to expose serious safety problems at nuclear power plants in the Carolinas. For key examples, see our Nuclear Reactor Safety page.
  • Duke Energy’s Global Warming Machine at Cliffside, ongoing
    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANC WARN and a statewide coalition prevented approval of an 800 megawatt coal-fired power plant at Cliffside, NC sought by Duke Energy. Continued…
  • Nuclear Security Failures, 2005-2007
    NC WARN and the Union of Concerned Scientists exposed numerous security failures at the Shearon Harris nuclear power plant, based on information from whistle-blowing security guards. A federal investigation confirmed the charges, and along with widespread publicity, cost Progress Energy tens of thousands of dollars in fines to correct physical security vulnerabilities. Continued…
  • High-Level Nuclear Waste in North Carolina, 1998-2003
    Environmentalists formally praised the Orange County Board of Commissioners and their political allies for helping to persuade Progress Energy to stop a major expansion of radioactive waste storage planned for the Shearon Harris nuclear power plant. The shift in plans will eliminate the risks of transporting “spent” fuel rods to Harris – the nation’s only such shipments – and lower both the probability and consequences of a disastrous waste pool fire at Harris. Continued…
  • Warren County PCB Landfill, 1993-2003
    warrencounty smallWe are honored to have played a part in the historic and successful environmental justice struggle in Warren County working with citizens and state officials for the past ten years to implement the safe decontamination of the infamous PCB Landfill. Continued…
  • Dioxin Campaign
    Throughout the 1990s, NC WARN was part of an active national coalition that exposed the risks of dioxin and reduced public exposures by blocking medical, municipal and toxic waste incinerators. We were honored to work with Lois Gibbs and leading scientists as core organizers of three national Citizens’ Conferences on Dioxin, the first held in Chapel Hill, NC as part of the ThermalKem fight.Click here for a 2000 NC WARN fact sheet on dioxin and its global health implications.
  • Solite protestCarolina Solite Toxic Waste Incinerator, 1995-2000
    NC WARN gained another major victory in 2000, helping Stanly County citizens stop hazardous waste burning at Solite, the state’s most notorious polluter. Continued…
  • Low-Level Nuclear Waste Dump, 1988-1999
    NC WARN was central to the 1999 defeat of an eight-state “low-level” radioactive waste dump – a victorious ending to a 12-year grassroots struggle. Continued…
  • ThermalKem Toxic Waste Incinerator, 1988-2003
    NC WARN was born in the late 1980s when citizen groups began a successful 5-year struggle against the state’s attempt to build a hazardous waste incinerator in 21 successive counties. Click here for an article from the Sanford Herald on this victory.
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