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Duke Energy’s Nuclear Hopes Dim Further — NC WARN News Release

North Carolina regulators technically rejected NC WARN’s March motion on Monday but they pressed Duke Energy with the questions we raised about the viability of the effort to build twin nuclear plants in Gaffney, SC.

The NC Utilities Commission order also raises questions about whether Duke can charge customers for the $531 million it has spent on the project over the past 13 years.

There is little chance Duke Energy can go forward with attempting to build these nukes. The recent collapse of the Toshiba-Westinghouse nuclear division – due to its attempts to build “advanced passive” reactors (the AP1000 design) – included twin plants underway in both Georgia and South Carolina, which are both laden with billions in losses and years of construction delays.

This leaves Duke with no viable option for building its planned Lee Nuclear Station.

NC WARN repeats our March call for state regulators to disallow any further spending of customer money on this project.

Duke Energy has wasted 13 years and $531 million on hopes to build more nukes. It’s time to pull the plug on this boondoggle.

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