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91% of NC Voters Say Duke Energy Shareholders Must Pay to Clean Up ALL Coal Ash Dumps — News Release from NC WARN

Durham, NC – A new poll shows that, overwhelmingly across the political spectrum, North Carolina voters say that Duke Energy shareholders – not customers – should pay to clean up all of the utility’s 33 toxic coal ash dumps, and that those whose negligence caused the disastrous Dan River ash spill deserve to be penalized.

NC WARN today reiterated its call that lawmakers should force Duke to pay for its negligence.  A bill being pushed by senate leaders would allow Duke to charge electricity customers for nearly all costs relating to managing the coal ash – while requiring minimal clean-up of the leaking sites – after the utility’s shareholders have profited from years of mishandling coal ash across the state.

The survey of 500 North Carolina voters was commissioned by NC WARN and completed by TelOpinion Research.

  • 91% said Duke Energy shareholders, not its customers, should pay for the cost of cleaning up the utility’s 33 coal ash dumps.
  • 82% said that they would have good reason to vote AGAINST a candidate who allows Duke Energy to pass the cost of cleaning up its coal ash sites to its customers or the public.
  • 77% said that all toxic coal ash storage sites in the state should be cleaned up while only 10% said only the Dan River needed to be cleaned up.
  • 63% said they are concerned that Duke Energy will target low-income communities as locations to dump their toxic coal ash.
  • An overwhelming 93% said that if Duke Energy or government agencies were found negligent in the coal ash spill investigation, they should be penalized. 30% supported large fines, 21% supported those found guilty losing their jobs and 8% supported jail time, while 28% believed that those found guilty should receive all three: large fines, loss of their position AND jail time. 

Results collected and reported by TelOpinion Research from a fully representative sample of 500 North Carolina voters on June 12th through 13th, 2014. Margin of error +/- 4.5%. TelOpinion Research is based in Alexandria, VA and is best known for working with a variety of organizations and Republican candidates both locally and nationally.

See full poll results here.

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